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Penngrove Nursery Spring Tree & Shrub Sale

Penngrove Growers Nursery Tree

Deep Discounts on Trees & Shrubs

You won't want to miss these prices!

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Plant Your Summer Shade Tree Now!

Trees provide shade for summer cooling & beauty for our homes & landscape year round.

Trees & Shrubs are Naturally Green:
Trees provide natural cooling, economically, with no air conditioning cost! Trees produce oxygen and use up carbon dioxide, for free, without cost!

Clever Tree !

Non-evergreen trees, called deciduous trees, provide shade & cooling during the hot summer months, then lose their foliage in the fall, allowing the sun to shine through. The sun then provides both light and warmth during the cooler winter months.

Trees & Shrubs are Nature's Green ----
producing oxygen we need and using up carbon dioxide we don't want,
for free, without cost!

Penngrove Tree, Shrub and Plant Nursery in Sonoma County

Penngrove Growers Nursery is a family owned and managed grower of outdoor landscape plants with an on-site retail nursery. We specialize in shrubs and trees.

We are located in the small agricultural town of Penngrove, in southern Sonoma County, about 10 miles north of Novato, 7 miles south of Santa Rosa, and 3 miles from Highway 101 Petaluma Exit 476.

Your visit is worth the drive  ~  here's why:

  • We offer unequaled plant selection, quality and plant knowledge to the homeowner, all at a fair price.

  • Customers are welcome to stroll through the retail area and just browse without interruption, or

  • If you would like assistance, we will actually talk to you, answer your questions, offer suggestions for problem areas and assist with plant selections.

Our personal service helps customer’s identify specific gardening needs, what they want to accomplish, and assists them in selecting the right plants.

Visit our nursery for a pleasant shopping experience in a quiet, country environment.
No loud speakers, no intercoms, no fork lifts!