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9740  Old Redwood Highway

Penngrove   CA          707 795 4043 


The Retail Nursery with the name of the Town

  Who We Are

  We specialize in Sonoma-Grown Plants - either grown at our nursery or brought in from local growers.   This means our plants are already acclimatized to our USDA climate zone so they will thrive in your garden. 

Our plants are grown outdoors or under shade, not forced in a heated greenhouse.   We  carefully select plants that grow in this agricultural climate zone, so they naturally do well in our North Bay conditions and in your garden.     

We have an expansive selection & many varieties of plants.   Even long-time customers are amazed when they first step beyond the front retail building and see the lines of trees and shrubs growing.   

If you would like assistance, we provide knowledgeable suggestions to help you select the right plants.   We want you to be pleased with your shopping experience and your purchases and hope you bring  friends and neighbors along on your next visit.

We are Local ~  Stop by and visit us soon!

      Penngrove  Nursery